What are your long term training goals?

Do you want state of the art self-defence training, to increase your self esteem, to reach the top in competitions, or simply enjoy a fun and creative atmosphere in training?  

When you choose a club, it's important you pick one that can give you both the strategy and tactics to reach
your goals.

Contact as now !

Telephone +46 760-80 65 55

Email magnuscederblad [at] gmail.com

Location: Birkagatan 24 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholms Judo och Jujutsu Dojo has won lots of medals in competitions.

Here is a short sample of our success...

  • 5xEM in Jujutsu

  • 20xSM in Judo och Jujutsu

  • SM Kickboxning

  • SM Thaiboxning
  • NM Taekwondo

    • EM in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Bjj)

    • Belarus championchips  in Judo

    • Danish open in Ju-jutsu

    • German open i Ju-Jutsu

    • 3:rd place, World Championchips in Ju-Jutsu

    Adult- Schedule Children- Schedule
    Older than 14 years old.
    Monday-Wednesday 6,30-7.30 PM
    Tuesday - Thursday
    6,30-8 PM
    6-9 years old
    Tuesday - Thursday 5,30-6.30PM
    9-13 years old
    Monday - Wednesday, 5.30-6.30 PM